Boston Advantages

Boston Advantages

No city in North America gives you more unique destination advantages than Boston.

Accessibility to Attract More Attendees

Boston offers the largest and most valuable attendee base within a two-hour travel radius of any city in the country. Boston’s geographical location makes it an ideal and easy gateway for both national and international access.

Capabilities to Accommodate Any Size Event

In the past decade, Boston has built the ultimate state-of-the-art convention center, the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, upgraded the Hynes Convention Center, rebuilt its transportation infrastructure and opened thousands of new hotel rooms.

Legendary Cultural and Historical Attractions

Boston has always been America’s most historic and storied city. It offers an incomparable mix of history, culture, entertainment, and sports to attract more attendees to your event.

Compact Size for Easy Organization

A compact city means attendees are only minutes from any venue. They get a rich variety of things to do without having to spend time or money traveling great distances.

Variety of Activities for Pre- and Post- Events

Boston’s surroundings offer the beaches of Cape Cod, the coast of Maine, the mountains and lakes or New Hampshire and Vermont, the gaming resorts of Connecticut, and the world-famous mansions of Newport, Rhode Island.

World Renowned Universities and High-End Industries

Boston has a uniquely rich base of professionals in the most high-end vertical industries such as high-tech, healthcare, education, and finance. There are over 50 institutions of higher education in Greater Boston. Over 50% of U.S. healthcare professionals are within a 2-hour travel radius of Boston.