Boston. City of Innovation

Boston. City Of Innovation

Welcome to Boston, a city of firsts, a city with more Nobel Laureates than any other. Welcome to a city where freedom rang for the first time in America, where surgical anesthesia was first invented, and where the 1’s and 0’s that guide your smart phone were first realized. Welcome to Boston. What happens here changes the world, and in January 2014, you will be a vital part of that history and our future.

Meeting and convention destinations can offer a variety of entertainment and Boston is no slouch when it comes to fun! But here, home to the world’s leading biotechnology sector and academic and medical research that draws from across the globe, you and your event can learn, grow and connect.

During the Convening Leaders conference, we hope you see what makes our city – and Massachusetts – one of the most popular destinations for meetings and conventions in the world. In Boston, it’s not just about meeting and convening. In Boston, it’s about changing the world!

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